Sunday, September 27, 2015

I know I said it before

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I don't like cancelled certificates and I have given my reasons in earlier posts. But this one I had to add to my Missouri Collection. It is the first one to show up in Terry Cox's database and the price I considered cheap. So if a hoard shows of it will not hurt me financially. It also has an error which makes it a little unusual. You don't see many errors on certificates. The capital structure of the company was $500,000 not $5000 as printed on the certificate. If is wasn't a rare Missouri piece it would not be in my collection.

History: Finding any information on this company is a challenge. I did find it was charted May 9, 1883 and re-charted May 20, 1889. All it's stock consisting of 5000 shares was owned by the Lindell Railway Co. of St. Louis Mo.The line consisted of 9.2 miles of single track road in the city of St. Louis.

reference: Poor's Manual 1895

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Don't believe the title

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With work and my other hobby interest this blog has been dormant for awhile. Hopefully it will pick up a little. This piece is my latest Missouri piece. A beautifully engraved stock specimen from the American Bank Note Company.

History of company: This company's name is somewhat of a misnomer. It really had nothing to do with constructing railroads in Missouri or anywhere else. It was in reality an investment company.It was a corporation organized under the laws of New York and Missouri in 1896. It's purpose was to reorganize the failed Omaha and St. Louis Railway which was sold in foreclosure in Jan. 27, 1896 into a new company. This new company was the Omaha and St. Louis Railroad Company.

reference: Poor's Manual 1899.