Friday, October 17, 2014

What is a Civil War Railroad Stock or Bond?

Something that bothers me is sellers especially on eBay using the word Civil War to try to sell their overprice material. To me Civil War means a piece issued when the war was still happening officially April 12,1861 to April 09, 1865. Not a few years before not a few years after. Whether a signer of the certificates had something to do with the war does not make it a Civil War piece unless he signed it during the war. If the certificate has a printed date during the war but not issued during the war it is not a Civil War piece. A few examples.

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This piece was listed as a Civil War stock. The only claim was that the company was charted in 1856. Unless the seller didn't know his history I don't understand the logic. Also an unissued piece.

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This one is close. It has a date of 1862. But that is the year the plate was first made. Is it possible that this certificate was printed after the war was over. Maybe but it's impossible to tell with no serial number. Again a non issued certificate. Listed in the auction as a Civil War Era.

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This stock's claim to the Civil War auction title is the president of the company. Orland Smith who was a Brigade Commander of the Union forces. This certificate was issued in 1886. Twenty-one years after the war ended. Not a Civil War piece.

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This stock is issued to Jay Cooke. Seller said he was a Civil War financer. Ok but the war was over in 1876 why does the auction say Civil War stock.

Just a few examples that I constantly see on eBay every week. I would like to hear your comments. Am I being too critical?

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