Sunday, August 31, 2014

Added a Stilwell company

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A.E Stilwell
I like the unusual arch format for this certificate. This is one of five example listed by Cox. This company was started by Arthur E. Stilwell a noted railroad builder in the Midwest. Stilwell organized 41 company in his career many were railroads. This company was organized in May of 1895 to build a line of 80 miles distance from Kansas City to Pattonsburg Missouri. The line was completed in June 30, 1898. The K.C & N.C. railroad end up in the hands of  receiver in June 2, 1900 when it failed to pay the interest on it's first mortgage bonds. The company was sold in foreclosure in Oct. 25, 1901 to the Kansas City, Peoria & Chicago Railway.

For a pdf of Arthur E. Stilwell bio click here.


1. Poor's Manual 1899
2. Poor's Manual 1900
3. Poor's Manual 1902

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Added to inventory

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A stock certificate of the famous  "L" of Chicago. The "L" has been a fixture of the city of Chicago for over 100 years. This company was formerly the Lake Street Elevated Railway. This non cancelled example is only the second of the preferred shares to be listed in Cox. It is available for sale or trade. If you want a little more history of the company check this link Chicago & Oak Park Elevated Railway.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Does not fit

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I started to add a few certificates that do not fit my collecting theme. I have decided to become a dealer/collector. I am heading into my retirement years and this will be another activity to keep me busy. So if I can find a rare railroad piece that I can get at what I think is a decent price I will buy it for my inventory.
This piece I added it's the only one to show up in Cox for this company and the price was fair. Anyway it is for sale or trade for Missouri or Confederate piece I don't own.