Sunday, July 13, 2014

A piece of the Rock

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My latest addition to my Missouri collection. With only five in Cox (Kan-648-s-50) not a common piece.

History: The company was incorporated in Dec. 22, 1902. The company was set-up as an subsidiary of the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railway (known as the Rock Island). All the stock with the exception of stock owned by the directors was owned by CRI & P .This stock was pledge as collateral for mortgage and refunding bonds.

The CRI & P wanted to build a Kansas City to St. Louis line. In April,1902 it bought the St. Louis, Kansas City & Colorado Railroad which was building a line west from St. Louis. At the time of purchase the line was completed to Bland Missouri. It financed the project from Bland to Hadsell Missouri. The Kansas City Rock Island Railway build the line from Leeds (near Kansas City) to Hadsell distance of 31.41 miles. The two lines met there in July of 1904. The KC & RI was conveyed to CRI & P in Jan.1, 1905 after the line was completed.

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