Monday, April 7, 2014

A New Specimen

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Finding issued certificates from this St. Louis street car company is difficult. In Terry Cox's data base he only list five stock certificates in all varieties. I would love to have an issued one until then this pretty specimen will have to do. It is a new color variety also.

History of the line: In 1898 the company was chartered as the successor of the Central Traction Company Inc.
The city of St. Louis authorized it to build 79.50 miles of street railroad on some of the most important streets and give it authority to acquire by lease or purchase any other street railroad in St. Louis. The company  with the next two years did just that by acquiring railroad lines, properties and franchise or the most all the stock of seven street railroad companies. This consisted of cable and electric street roads with a mileage of 419.5 in operation, under construction and authorized.

In 1899 the St. Louis Transit Co. was charted by the city of St. Louis with the main purpose of to acquire , lease and operate until 1939 any and all lines of the United Railways Co. The St. Louis Transit Co. leased all the lines of U. Rys. from 1899 to 1905. In 1905 U. Rys. purchase the St. Louis & Suburban Railway unifying the city's street rail network.

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