Sunday, March 16, 2014

A rare cable car stock

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This Missouri company's stock is the only example in Cox. The People’s Cable Railway of Kansas City. For most people when you mention cable cars they think of San Francisco. But the truth is a number of US cities had cable cars. This Kansas City company was charted in March 8, 1887 with a capital stock of $750,000. The line opened for business May 29, 1888. It ran for a distance of 6.8 miles using standard gauge . By 1896 it operated 35 cars.

The company could not pay its obligations and was sold in foreclosure in 1896. A new company was formed the Brooklyn Avenue Railway. This company was purchased in 1899. Electric cars replaced the cable cars in Dec. 1899.
Robert Gillham
Engineer Robert Gillham was the designer, builder and for a time the president for the People Cable Railway. He also built two additional Kansas City street rail line. These were the K.C. Cable Railway and the Inter-State Consolidated Rapid Transit. His biography is here.

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