Sunday, December 15, 2013

An Early Christmas Present.

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My  daughter and son-in law gave me an early Christmas present. They found a nice one with it being the fourth to be listed in Cox. With no sales recorded for over 10 years makes it a somewhat of a rare piece. The certificate is unusual  for a railroad stock with both the secretary and the treasurer signatures listed with the presidents.

A little history of this company.
The company was chartered in 1853. It's plan was to build a rail line from the Indiana Branch of the Pennsylvania Railroad to New Castle Pennsylvania. The line was to follow the Conemaugh and Kiskiminetas Rivers to Allegheny Junction (now known as Kiski Junction). From New Castle it would connect with the Cleveland and Mahoning Valley Railroad. This would connect with the city of Cleveland, Ohio.

This would create a through line to the west, something the Pennsylvania Railroad did not have at the time.

By 1858 the railroad completed most of the grading and ballasting from Blairsville to Kiski Junction. The financial panic of 1857 caused the railroad to not meet it's financial obligations.

Worked stopped and like thousand of railroads in the 1800's the line was foreclosed. It re-organized in 1859 as the Western Pennsylvania Railroad.

source: The Western Pennsylvania Railroad.

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  1. Hi Pete, that is just a great gift ! Lucky fellow !
    I like the Draper, Welch prints.
    Just look at the person in the right lower corner. I bet that's his own horse he is talking to on a hot Sunday afternoon.