Thursday, April 4, 2013

Not your usual RR stock

                                                    click on image to enlarge

I probably has seen thousands of railroad stocks but this one is unusual. I'm sure their are other examples from other companies but I have not seen any. Any guess on what does not fit the normal railroad stock?


  1. In the small boxes above, 'No' leans to the right and 'Shares' leans to the left. Is that the unusual thing?

    Another thing that is unusual, is that "Shares" is followed with an abbreviation point : "Shares." , which is not necessary as the word is fully spelled out.

  2. Franky, those are good finds but that's not what I'm looking for. I will wait until this evening and post the answer.


  3. Ok the answer is the signatures. All the US rails that I have seen the President’s signature is on the right side of the certificate and the secretary or treasure is on the left. This certificate is opposite from normal practice. I emailed a scan to Terry Cox and he couldn't remember if he had seen any with the signatures set this way. Maybe it was an error by the engraving company or the company wanted to be different.